Precut Fusible Glass Cupcake Select COE90 Bullseye or COE96 Oceanside

$ 12.25

Precut Fusible Glass

6 pieces of colorful glass create this beautiful Cupcake.  Select the type of glass that will work for your project.  COE90 and COE96 glass cannot be mixed together due to possible stress fractures of the glass.

  • Size:             3" tall X 2 3/8" wide
  • Thickness:   3mm 
  • Qty:              1 Cupcake 6 pcs of glass
  • Use:  Create Christmas ornaments, windchimes, embellish trays, plates, candle only by your imagination.

COE 90 Cupcake (Top Picture): Bullseye Glass Company
BE011630F   Opaque Turquoise Blue 
BE020330F   Opaque Woodland Brown
BE0113038F Opaque White Tekta 
BE012430F   Opaque Red

COE 96 Cupcake (Bottom Picture): Oceanside Glass 
OGT23071SF   Opaque Hydrangea Blue
OGT21176SF   Opaque Chocolate Brown
OGT308SF       Opaque White/Clear Wispy
OGT25072SF   Opaque Red

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