About Us

Captive Decals is dedicated to bringing you Ceramic and Fused Glass decals that will enhance the beauty of your projects.  


Fused Glass:  There are thousands upon thousands of decals that were created specifically for high fire ceramic ware. While some ceramic decals do wonderfully in a low fire environment, many do not mature properly and can appear washed out on glass. Most ceramic decals have a transparent quality which can make them nearly invisible when place on colored or dichroic glass.  Silk Screen Enamel decals are opaque, which means they will show up wonderfully on the vivid colors of fused and dichroic glass. 

     In 2011 glass artists began contacting me through my ceramic decal listings on eBay asking for decals for their fused glass jewelry.  When I couldn't find what they were looking for, I thought I would try my hand at designing a few decals since I was familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  Whew, was it work!  I did not think I would ever be able to create enough designs to fill the large design sheets required by silk screen printers so I recruited my nephew, Greg Jr, who is a Graphics Artist.  Jr. created dragons, skulls, snakes, rodents, sharks and the like.  I also asked my daughter if she wanted to try designing a few decals.  De'Anna created dragonflies, fairies and baby things.   In 2013 Diana Fein created several designs for Captive Decals.  The rest I had fun creating.  When I see the stunning jewelry our customers create with our decals, I am thrilled and awed that I was a tiny part of their beautiful glass works of art.  



Ceramic Decals:  In 1983 I painted my  first two ceramic pieces.  A Santa for my Mom and a Santa for my mother-in-law.  I was immediately hooked.  I took every class offered...sometimes dragging my teenage daughter with me.  My Dad took a class with me once just to "See what all the fuss" was about.  With my family's help I ran a retail ceramic studio for several years.  My semi-invalid mom puured greenware at her dining room table and painted display pieces for the shop; my Dad would give my Mom catalogs of molds and let her pick out whatever she wanted; my 3 children helped out at the shop; my brothers and sisters poured greenware in their spare time.  When my Mom passed away 20 years ago, I sold the ceramic store and went to work with my Dad.  Now I design decals for fused glass art while running an e-commerce business selling ceramic and fused glass decals on my Captive Decals website, eBay, Etsy and Artfire. 

In the summer of 2015 we purchased Har-Bon Ceramics and Decals inventory, giving Bonnie a richly deserved rest.  Decals in small increments will continue to be listed on eBay (i.e. 4 pcs of 2", 10 pcs of 1", etc.).  On our website, ceramic decals will be sold by the sheet.

We are committed to providing a positive and rewarding customer experience.

As always, Thank You and Happy Crafting!