Humor 6 Phrases Item # 1

$ 7.00

Fun black background, red font.  I have no bad habits but I'm open to suggestions; My mind's made up don't confuse me with the facts; Hard work never hurts anyone...but I'm not taking any chances; I don't have an eating problem, I eat, I get fat, no problem; Be sure brain is in gear before engaging mouth; and The hardest part about this job is trying to find someone to do my work..

Order # Size # of Decals on Sheet Sheet Price
1 5" X 2 3/4" 6 $ 7.00


Ceramic Waterslide Decals
Suitable Application: Fired and Non-Fired
Suggested Cone and Firing Temperature:
Cone 017 - 015 1319°-1465°F (715°-796°C)



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