Z 20 Friends Love Memories Sayings

$ 4.00

Beautiful sayings to use on your projects:  A good friend is one who knows where you've been, accepts you for what you are, and encourages you to grow; There is no bigger blessing than a friend who's there when the good times aren't; Train your heart to smile and your Soul to sing, and you'll find blessings in each and everything!  Today's Beautiful Moments are Tomorrow's Beautiful Memories; Love Bears All Things, Believes All Things, Hopes All Things, Endures All Things, Love Never Fails; If I cannot do great things, I'll do small things in a great way.

Order # Size # of Decals on Sheet Sheet Price
Z 20 1 3/4" To 2" 30 $      4.00


Ceramic Waterslide Decals
Suitable Application: Fired and Non-Fired
Suggested Cone and Firing Temperature: 
Cone 017 - 015   1319°-1465°F (715°-796°C)

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