Z 4 Get Well Wishes Sayings

$ 7.00

Wonderful sayings in black:  We doubled our good wishes and they're warm as can be 'Cause all of us are hoping you'll get well immediately! Want to put some sunshine into everybody's day?  Then tell us that it won't be long before you're well to stay!  Everyone's hoping you're better today So in no time at all you can come out and play!  All the good wishes we're sending your way Say that we're hoping you're better today.  Sure hope it won't be very long until you're good as new, Enjoying all the happiness Goo health can bring to you! 

Order # Size # of Decals on Sheet Sheet Price
Z 4 1 3/4" to 4 1/4" 10  (2 of each) $       7.00


Ceramic Waterslide Decals
Suitable Application: Fired and Non-Fired
Suggested Cone and Firing Temperature: 
Cone 017 - 015   1319°-1465°F (715°-796°C)

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