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Golden Hearts and Butterflies Overglaze Ceramic Decals

Golden Hearts and Butterflies Overglaze Ceramic Decals

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These hearts appear a burnt orange before firing, but once they've been fired in a kiln, they come out metallic gold.
Each heart is 2 inches.

High-Quality Waterslide Decals: Crafted with precision for use on glass and ceramics (including porcelain).

Easy Application: Waterslide design for simple and hassle-free application. Detailed instructions included with every order.

Dishwasher and Food Dishwasher and Food Safe: Our waterslide decals are both dishwasher safe and food safe AFTER FIRING.

Kiln-Firing: For best results, these decals should be applied on ceramics (including porcelain) or glass fusing projects, then fired in a kiln.

Recommended Cone and Firing Temperature: Cone 017 - 015 | 1319°-1465°F (715°-796°C)

Other Uses: These decals do not need to be fired in a kiln. They can be applied directly to many different surfaces. Use a clear sealant to preserve them.

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