Hebrew Shin and Star of David 5" X 3.5" White Fused Glass Decals

$ 6.75

The Hebrew letter shin (ש) represents divine power among other things.  Shin is inscribed on the side of the phylactery prayer box and on the mezuzah of Jewish homes.  This decal card contains 35 decals of the letter shin, as well as 35 of the traditional Star of David in white silk screen enamel decals.

Our white decals appear pink, until they have been fired.  They are pink to make it easier to cut them out.  Once fired, they mature to their white color.  See product photos for examples.

The open areas are clear to show off the vibrant colors of your glass work beneath.

Card Size:     5" X 3.5"
Quantity:      1 card (as shown)

Suitable applications: fired (must be fired to mature to white color)
Fire Temps:  1290°F (700°C)
Test pieces and instructions sent with every order.

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